WEEK #4: Monday

It’s Monday again!  And it’s almost September!  But don’t worry, it’s not technically autumn until the 23rd, and we’ve got another episode of our Coffee Break With the Ballet web series to help you give your brain a daily five-minute summer vacation.

EPISODE Four: “L Is For Lift”

Disaster!  The printer is out of paper.  But our heroes are concerned that Perry’s method of hauling boxes of paper out of the copy room will throw his back out; luckily the Sassyplum Fairy shows up in time to show everyone about the magic of LIFT.


Did your mother always tell you, “Stand up straight”?  Be aware of your posture today.  Do you slump over your keyboard or sit too far back?  Do you stand all day and tense your shoulders?  Try to be very conscious as you work about lifting your spine and keeping your back straight, and watch the posture of others.

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