OBT L.A.B. (Learn About Ballet)

Fully-Funded Dance Integration Program

OBTLAB has been in existence since 2006, providing early exposure to the
arts for students in Title 1 schools. Funded fully by grants, schools receive up to 10 dance sessions per classroom learning movement skills/vocabulary in the fall, and applying those concepts to classroom learning in the spring. We love hosting our OBTLAB schools at our Student Performance Series and for field trips to our studios.

Please contact community@obt.org if you are interested in learning more or bringing OBT L.A.B. to your Title I school.

Photo by Jingzi Zhao


  • To provide access for students and schools who are interested in dance/arts learning.
  • To engage students in kinesthetic learning of curriculum, especially in Science, Language Arts and SEL learning.
  • To deepen student’s understanding and awareness of their body as a tool for communication.
  • To serve as a resource for classroom teachers.
  • To bring movement and fun to students and teachers!

Photo by Jocelyn Nelson


  • A creative movement residency with an OBT teaching artist
  • Up to ten sessions for each kindergarten, first, second grade class
  • Dance curriculum that supports classroom learning
  • Field trips to OBT Student Performance Series
  • Field trip to OBT Studios to see dancers training, costumes in the making, other behind-the-scenes elements
  • Transportation paid by OBT

Photo by Jingzi Zhao


  • Planning meeting with classroom teachers and teaching artists
  • Open space and scheduling for dance residency (ie. gym, multi-purpose room, etc)
  • Classroom teachers complete initial survey at beginning and feedback survey at end of program
  • Support for 3-5 students to participate in OBT L.A.B. survey process at the beginning and end of program
  • Teacher participation in dance residency (participation comes in many forms)
  • Scheduling of school buses to OBT field trips (invoice OBT for payment)

“Oregon Ballet Theater’s L.A.B. has partnered with Chehalem Elementary for the past several years. As a Title I school, most of our students do not have the opportunity to experience the arts, such as ballet. Bringing ballet to our school has ignited a passion for dance for many of our students. The excitement from our second, third, and fourth grade students on OBT days is palpable. The smiles and energy students return with after a trip to the ballet is a testament to the power of dance and the connections they have with OBT. “
-Krystin Murphy, Chehalem Elementary

Header Image by Jingzi Zhao