Kevin Irving. Photo by Joni Kabana.
Kevin Irving | Artistic Director


Lisa Kipp | Rehearsal Director
Jeffrey Stanton | Ballet Master
Niel DePonte | Music Director & Conductor
Tracey Sartorio | Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director & Artistic Coordinator
Irina Golberg | Principal Accompanist
Gavin Larsen | Children’s Coach


Bill Anderson | Director of Production
Shannon Goffe | Production Administrator
Victoria A. Epstein | Stage Manager
Hayley Glickfeld Bielman | Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Mazzola | Resident Lighting Designer
Ian Anderson-Priddy | Production Electrician & A/V Coordinator
Matt Wilcox | Sound Engineer
Pam Jett-Goodrich | First Hand
Eileen Ehlert | Wardrobe Administrator & Footwear Specialist
Fuschia Lin | Wardrobe Assistant
Christine Meyers | Wardrobe Project Supervisor
Chris Andrews, Kathy Andrews, Charles Daniels, Jeff Dines, Dan Handleman, Brian Keith, Julia Lancaster,  Brad Saby, Peter Sherman, and Lance Woolen | Production Support Staff
Sara Beukers | Wig & Makeup Designer
Janet George | Orchestra Personnel Manager
Kirsten Norvell | Head Music Librarian
Rachel Rencher | Assistant Music Librarian
Eva Richey | Assitant Music Librarian

Finance & Administration

Neville Wellman | Director of Finance & Operations
Donna Jackson-Siekmann | Accounting Manager
Linda Brown | Office Assistant
Paul Nicholson | Consultant


Alison Roper | Major Gifts Officer
Justin N. Smith | Donor Relations and Events Manager
Keely McIntyre | Grants Manager
Emily Tucker | Development Associate


Natasha Kautsky | Director of Marketing & Communications
Chloe Hellberg| Audience Services Manager
Mariah Delude | Patron Services Lead
Mitchell Falconer| Box Office Customer Services Representative
Kate Kerns | Marketing Associate
Jim Thomson | Graphic Designer & Video Producer

Education & Outreach

Kasandra Gruener | Director of Education Outreach
Brook Manning | Dance Historian & Teaching Artist
Linda Besant | Archivist/Historian
Amy Stahl | Education Outreach Office Assistant
Hannah Downs, Robyn Ulibarri, Allison Wales, Sarah Ward Brown| Teaching Artists

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Anthony Jones | School Director
James Holstad | School Administrator
Lisa Sundstrom | OBT2 Program Director
Rachel Närhi| West Linn Branch Manager
Colleen Hanlon| School Registrar & Children’s Coordinator
Natasha Bar, Elise Legere, Olivia Pyne, Alison Roper, Kembe Staley | School Faculty
Olga Alehina, Tiffany Barclay, Irina Golberg, Garnet Hayes, Ayako Matsuo, Chris Nickels, Alec Pemberton, Katie Pyne, David Saffert | Accompanists