WEEK #3: Friday

It’s 3:00 on the last Friday of August, when the minds of office workers everywhere turn to thoughts of barbecues, farmers’ markets, naps in the sunshine, and their warm-weather libations of choice (beer, margaritas, iced tea, strawberry lemonade . . .)  To get you through the last few hours until you can go have fun in the sun, we’ve got another Coffee Break With the Ballet for you with a Friday Dance Break and another pop quiz!

Friday Dance Break

These youngsters in a Russian ballet class make some very challenging leg movements look easy!  Watch for grand plié (deep knee-bends), demi-plié (same as grand plié but not as low) and battement relevé lent (leg slowly raised and lowered).

Pop Quiz

#1.  In Monday’s webisode, what celebrity starlet’s shoes is Pat in love with? 

#2.  What snazzy royal accessory inspired the creation of the five basic ballet positions we know today? 

#3. OBT purchases custom-made shoes for our dancers from the world’s largest pointe shoe distributor, which also happened to be the preferred brand of Balanchine himself.  What’s the name of the company?

#4. Which do the young dancers in the video do first – grand plié or demi- plié? 

#5.  OBT.org Trivia: For how many years did Artistic Director Christopher Stowell dance for San Francisco Ballet? 

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