May – June, 2021

In-Person Events

*Pending our ability to perform live events due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Americans (Re)Imagined

It is our dearest hope that after more than a year away from our home, that Act III will mark our triumphant return to the theater to bring you Americans (Re)Imagined. The programming will not be the same as originally planned. We will share updates as we become aware of our ability to rehearse as a company. Rest assured we will make the most of it!

On Stage

Our annual school performance featuring OBT2 dancers as well as dancers from our most advanced levels sharing works as we can.

Digital Live and On Demand

While we are working with the Governor and the Oregon Health Authority to ensure our performance space is safe, we know that many of you will feel safest staying at home. That is why we are streaming all our in-person events available for you to watch live or on demand.

Americans (Re)Imagined

On Stage

OBT Digital

Dancer Portraits

Experience first-hand the how, when, why of each dancer’s journey. See the grit and determination it takes to make what is tremendously difficult look effortless. Learn about the dancer’s frustrations and fears of mastering new choreography, and the ultimate joy of the artistic process.

New Ballet Works

This season we are being challenged to explore new modes of performance. With limited ability to connect directly with our audience or even for dancers to connect physically with each other, how do we preserve our art? In this series OBT presents choreography created exclusively for video where the camera and editing take a part in the dance as much as the dancers. This is an exciting time to be creative, to play, to break barriers and traditions.

UP NOW: In Hidden Seconds & Beast for Thee

Photo credits: Banner photo by Michael Slobodian; thumbnail images (from top to bottom) Coco Alvarez-Mena by Jingzi Zhao; Jingzi Zhao; Zuzu Metzler by Christopher Peddecord; Brian Bennett by Jingzi Zhao