The Newmark Theatre is a wonderful venue for dance and the box seats make you feel like the whole performance is being given just for you. There’s a reason they used to be reserved exclusively for titled nobility. They’re THAT good.

Score your own VIP experience and win a pair of box seats for the April 19th Opening Night performance of Chromatic Quartet by finding the answers to these three questions about the show, hidden somewhere in the posts about Chromatic Quartet on our blog.

Then, email your guesses to We’ll select a winner at random from the pool of correct answers received by Wednesday, April 18th at noon. You must answer all three questions correctly to qualify. As a bonus, everyone who answers correctly will be emailed a secret code for 1/2 price tickets to the opening night performance. Happy hunting and good luck!

1. Val Caniparoli’s Lambarena was inspired by humanitarian doctor Albert Schweitzer, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Africa. What school grade was OBT historian Linda Besant in the year he accepted the prize?

[Ballet bodies take traditional West African dance shapes in Lambarena, one of 4 short work on the Chromatic Quartet program. Photo by James McGrew.]

2.  George Balanchine created Stravinsky Violin Concerto as an homage to his longtime creative partner Igor Stravinsky. What did Balanchine bring as a gift to Stravinsky for his 64th birthday?

[Company Artists Adam Hartley (left), Neil Marshall (center) and Apprentice Jordan Kindell rehearse Stravinsky Violin Concerto. Photo by Blaine Truitt Covert.]

3. Local fashion designer Adam Arnold is creating fashion forward party looks for the dancers in Matjash Mrozewski’s The Lost Dance. What was Adam hoping to see when he first tried some sample garments on the Alison Roper and Lucas Threefoot and asked them to put them through their paces?

[Makino Hayashi rehearses Matjash Mrozewski’s The Lost Dance.]

Bonus question: The composer of the music for the final work on the program, Liturgy, created a special term to describe his musical style. What is that term?

You can find the answers to all of these questions in recent posts about Chromatic Quartet.

Email your answers to the three required questions to We’ll select a winner on Wednesday, April 18th at noon!

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