WEEK #4: Friday

It’s 3:00 on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, so obviously we’re hoping all of you are sipping a refreshing beverage on the lawn or in the car on the way to the beach right now, but for those of you still at work, we’ve got you covered with another fun Coffee Break With the Ballet, with a truly delightful dance break and another fun pop quiz.  Happy holiday weekend!

P.S. For all those of you who have to be back at work Monday morning, holiday or no holiday, would it help if I said we’ll be back at 3:00 with another Sassyplum Fairy webisode for you?  Because we will!

Friday Dance Break

You can’t help but smile when watching the near-weightless Mikhail Baryshnikov at his cheeky, high-flying best in this famous variation from Don Quixote (Petipa/Minkus).  A man who can soar that high with a grin on his face and a drink in each hand deserves that thunderous applause.

Pop Quiz

#1.  In Monday’s webisode, what color is the sign posted above the copy machine?

#2.  What is “planking” and in what country did it originate? 

#3. “Deus ex machina” commonly refers to a plot device in drama or literature where some event or person unexpectedly intervenes at the last minute to tie up all the loose ends and resolve the conflict, but the term actually originated as a reference to something much more concrete.  What is the literal translation of the phrase, and what did it originally refer to?

#4. TRUE OR FALSE: Baryshnikov only drinks out of the cup in his left hand. 

#5.  OBT.org Trivia: Which now-principal dancer in the OBT company danced that Don Quixote variation at our first Dance United gala in 2009? 

0 thoughts on “WEEK FOUR: “L Is For Lift” (Friday)

  1. 1: orange
    2: Originated in Australia, involves laying horizontally in a strange or unusual place
    3: God from the machine; was used to describe the mechanical device used to suspend gods from the stage in Greek/Roman dramas
    4: false
    5: Chauncey Parsons

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