WEEK #4: Thursday

Happy Thursday!  September is here!  On today’s Coffee Break With the Ballet we’ve got another installment of “Stars of OBT” and another “Random Thursday Question” to entertain you and give your brain a little end-of-the-week mini-vacation.  You’re welcome!

Stars of OBT: “Fly Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease!”

Planking ain’t got nothin’ on this dizzying aerial action!

Alison Roper and Artur Sultanov in Rush at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

The Four Temperaments at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Steven Houser, Brian Simcoe, Artur Sultanov and Anne Mueller in Left Unsaid at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Random Thursday Question

Some people’s subconscious minds are programmed to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness – whether hang-gliding, plummeting down a roller coaster or being lifted high in the air by your dance partner – while others find it terrifying.  Which one are you?

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