WEEK #5: Monday

Happy Labor Day!  We hope you’re all enjoying today’s Coffee Break With the Ballet on the couch in your pajamas, but for the benefit of those of you stuck at work on a holiday, we made today’s extra fun.

EPISODE FIVE: “E Is For Energy”

Our heroes were stuck at a shareholders’ meeting until midnight last night, and now they’re slumped in their desk chairs like cranky sloths.  Without developing an addiction to caffeine, how do they get their energy up to start the day?  Only the Sassyplum Fairy can fix THIS mess!


Who have you already seen today who is moving with energy?  Whether you’re watching someone ride a bike or use the copy machine, you can tell how much energy a person has (and, potentially, how much caffeine they’ve had today) by watching the way they move.  Tell us about the most energetic person you’ve encountered today so far – what did you notice in the way their body moved?

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