The Life and times of Anne Mueller Part Five: “It Was like Being a Ninja”

OBT staff members Linda Besant and Claire Willett sat down with Principal Dancer Anne Mueller (who retires from the stage and transitions to our artistic staff in May) to interview her about her life and career. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing with you some of her stories and anecdotes – from her… Read More

Six Degrees of Cole Porter

By Claire Willett Cole Porter “Six Degrees of Separation” is a statistical theory model which suggests that every human being on earth is connected to every other human being on earth through no more than six other people. That is beyond the scope of this undertaking, so we’re going to stick with its far-less-weighty spinoff,… Read More

The Life and Times of Anne Mueller Part Four: Anne on Christopher

OBT staffer Claire Willett sits down with Anne Mueller to talk all things Christopher Stowell – how she met him, how she would describe him in three words (HINT: she can’t), her favorite Stowell role, how she’s grown as a dancer over the past few years, and the one time she got to dance with… Read More

Christopher’s Oregonian Profile In case you missed it, here is the link to Artistic Director Christopher Stowell’s profile article in Sunday’s Oregonian. Here’s an excerpt: “Why all the Balanchine and Robbins works in OBT’s repertoire?” Stowell says. “I think that these choreographers did so much to define and advance ballet in America that any company that aspires… Read More

“It’s Exhilarating to be Someone’s Creative Instrument” : The Creation of OBT’s Firebird

From the very beginning of his time with OBT, Artistic Director Christopher Stowell intended that the company would develop a repertoire of works “to scores written specifically for ballet. For the initial effort in that direction,” he says, “I asked Yuri Possokhov to choreograph Stravinsky’s Firebird in 2004. He felt a bit confined at first.… Read More