Anne says “farewell pointe shoes, hello desk!”

Hi OBT Friends!  You haven’t previously heard much from me via the blog, but now that I’m spending less time in pointe shoes I’m looking forward to sharing a bit of my “behind the scenes” perspective.  As you may know, I recently retired from my performing career during our recent “Song and Dance” program.  My… Read More

“People Like a Little Glamour”

  Lifelong musical theatre geek Claire Willett interviews Christopher Stowell about her all-time favorite work in the OBT rep: Stowell’s sparkling, sexy, witty Cole Porter ballet Eyes On You. Christopher Stowell. Photo by Joni Kabana. What inspired Eyes On You?  How did you come up with the idea? Well, the practical reason was doing something… Read More

Gargouillade and Entrechat: the Filigree Footwork of Square Dance

by Linda Besant“More steps per minute than any other show in town,” said dance writer Nancy Reynolds of Square Dance. For fifty years, audiences have been wowed by this non-stop ballet: “Tempos that could only be called lickety-split.” (Manchester, 1958)  “Filigree footwork that requires the most astonishing technical dexterity.” (Kaplan, 1988) “The speed of the… Read More

Yoga and Ballet: Finding the flow in Left Unsaid

By OBT Historian Linda Besant Are Locusts and Downward Facing Dogs a regular part of your life? If so, then you won’t want to miss seeing Left Unsaid in OBT’s “Song and Dance” program that opens April 21st. Choreographer Nicolo Fonte is a devoted practitioner of Iyengar yoga, and his ballet is rich with artistically… Read More

Nicolo Fonte Discusses Left Unsaid with Dance Magazine

(Anne Mueller, Artur Sultanov, Brian Simcoe and Steven Houser in Nicolo Fonte’s Left Unsaid. Photo by Blaine Truitt Covert) Wendy Perrin from Dance Magazine recently sat down with choreographer Nicolo Fonte to discuss his approach to choreography and his current most popular work, Left Unsaid, which will be presented as part of our spring program,… Read More