An unusual but delightful element of this retrospective program is the inclusion of the Rose City Waltz, which is a short ballet choreographed by Christopher for the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre’s students. It’s a beautiful showcase for them, using kids from some of the youngest levels right on up to the advanced students and apprentices. I keep thinking about what a fantastic experience this must be for them. They’re all experienced performers, most having danced in Nutcracker, Swan Lake, etc. already, but this is different. They’re the centerpiece, not supporting players, and this is designed to show off their real dancing technique and polish. The intermediate and advanced girls perform on pointe, which is probably the first time they’ve been onstage in pointe shoes. Here’s a photo of them during the performance on Sunday. I was standing behind our Ashby, our stage manger, watching over her shoulder:

This is their opening pose, right before the curtain goes up:

Rose City Waltz has brought cheers from the audience each performance so far, which is no surprise, but what an incredible confidence- and character-building experience that must be for these young dancers!

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