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Fall 2018 | Napoli

Danish Choreographer August Bournonville’s Napoli is known for its vibrant depiction of Neapolitan street life. This iconic and beloved Danish ballet tells the story of Teresina, a beautiful Italian girl, who falls in love with Gennaro, a poor fisherman. Her mother, hoping for a wealthy suitor, is against the match. But the young couple cannot be kept apart, even when Teresina is lost at sea and lured to an underwater world ruled by an evil sea spirit. It is the couple’s true love for each other that breaks the spell and saves them. Powered by Bournonville’s signature mix of grace and technically thrilling footwork, it’s easy to see why this uplifting and joyous ballet has become a symbol of the Royal Danish Ballet. Napoli is sure to win your heart.
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Cinderella Study Guide

WINTER 2019 | Cinderella

Everything starts with a wish in everyone’s favorite fairy tale. Against the backdrop of Prokofiev’s luscious score, Ben Stevenson’s ballet brings Cinderella to life with both slapstick humor and lush romanticism.

Cinderella suffers cruelly at the hands of her step-mother and two step-sisters, and yet is loving enough to offer a poor beggar woman some bread when she knocks at the door. Little does she know that the beggar woman is really her Fairy   Godmother, prepared to grant her most fervent wish – to go to the Prince’s ball. Cinderella’s magical night unfolds against the backdrop of gorgeous sets and spirited dancing.
But when the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella must make a choice – to tell the Prince who she really is, or return to a life overshadowed by her   stepmother’s cruelty. A triumphant tale of courage, hope, wishes … and magic.
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SPRING 2019 | The Directors

Artistic Director Kevin Irving’s unique approach to 21st century American ballet reflects the vigor of an ever-evolving art form. In Director’s Choice, he has curated some of the company’s most loved contemporary works in an intimate program at the Newmark Theatre.
Gioconda Barbuto’s BringingOutsideIn, one of three works created for 2017’s Choreography XX in Washington Park, was a standout hit that thrilled audiences. And Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato’s most famous work Jardí Tancat electrified the theater in Terra.
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SPRING 2019 | The Americans

This show will include the masterwork Night Creature, created by dance pioneer Alvin Ailey to music by Duke Ellington, as well as Trey McIntyre’s Robust American Love set to music by the Fleet Foxes At once wistful and vibrant, Night Creature is “…a bubbly champagne cocktail of dance, the
perfect fusion of Ailey’s buoyant choreography and Duke Ellington’s sparkling music.” We
follow that with the return of Trey McIntyre’s Robust American Love with music by Seattle’s famed indie folk band, Fleet Foxes. In this work, McIntyre creates a dance scape evoking the spirit of exploration and freedom of the Wild West. Describing McIntyre’s work, The Washington Post wrote, “He knows how to hit all our pleasure buttons…”
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FALL 2018 | Rhapsody in Blue

The stage will be alive with a kaleidoscope of movement and sound as the vibrant dancers of Oregon Ballet Theatre reveal a world premier ballet by Nicolo Fonte to the lush and dazzling music of Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. We are so fortunate to be able to present this work with LIVE MUSIC. Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale and concert pianist Hunter Noak will perform Gershwin’s most memorable work on two pianos.
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WINTER 2018 | ALICE (in wonderland)

Follow an exuberant young girl as she plunges down a rabbit hole into an extraordinary, imaginative world. Oregon Ballet Theatre is thrilled to perform a one hour excerpt of the west coast premiere of a new full-length ballet suitable for families: Alice (in wonderland). Created in 2012 by Septime Webre with an original score by American composer and violinist Mathew Pierce, Alice became an instant success. The Washington Post called it a “giddy parade, a pop-art dream, a feat of fevered imagination.” The mad adventure is filled to the brim with the delightful characters found in Lewis Carol’s classics Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, uniquely brought to life with surreal sets, zany costumes, puppetry, and powerfully expressive dance. Don’t be late! Take the plunge and join us on this unforgettable journey.
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SPRING 2018 | Man/Woman

In this one hour program, we juxtapose ballets designed for men only, women only, and for men and women together. The Newmark Theatre affords the audience a close viewing of OBT’s powerful and masterful dancers as they perform works that provide the opportunity to explore stereotypes of strength and beauty.
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Excerpts from all three ballets of our public performances reflecting the evolution of ballet through the 20th and 21st centuries. Two truly iconic masterworks, Serenade (Balanchine), In the Middle Somewhat Elevated (Forsythe), and Giants, a creation by one of the ballet world’s most sought after choreographers, Nicolo Fonte.
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WINTER 2017 | Swan Lake

Is there any other ballet that has as much a hold on our collective imaginations as does Swan Lake? The sublime transcendence of choreography that has been passed down generation after generation is unmatched, and the music of Tchaikovsky is never more attuned to the struggles of the heart than in this poignant work.
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SPRING 2017 | Terra

Three excerpts of ballets from our public performances, including a world premiere work by Helen Pickett. (You may remember her work Petal, which we performed in 2014.) The underlying contemplation is on the relationship between earth and human experience.
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Student Performance Series Study Guide: Fall 2015 | Amore Italiano

FALL 2015 | Amore Italiano

Napoli Act III: A folksy, festive ballet set in sunny Italy of the past, complete with period costumes, a colorful set, traditional dances, and a frenzied Tarantella.
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WINTER 2016 | Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet, Act I: A bold expressive ballet to Prokofiev’s lush music revealing the timeless conflicts and deep emotions of Shakespeare’s well-known tale.
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SPRING 2016 | Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay: This ballet explores the passage of time and the juxtaposition of the vitality of youth against the fragility of age with a multigenerational cast and the excitement of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.
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FALL 2014 | OBT 25: Everything Live!

A spectacular opportunity to treat your students to a beginning-of-the-year “WOW!” See a world premiere dance performance with live music by beloved international ensemble PINK MARTINI celebrating OBT’s 25th anniversary.

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SPRING 2015 | Impact: Rassemblement

Rassemblement (French, meaning “gathering”) is a dance work set to slave songs of Haiti and is described “as an impressive, thrilling, and audience-affecting human rights appeal.”

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Fall 2013 | Past and Present: Por Vos Muero

The Fall program looks at Past and Present. The audience will see the company premiere of Por Vos Muero, a work by Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato. In this piece, dancers take contemporary ballet movements back in time, transported by ancient Spanish music and poetry of the XV and XVI centuries. Spanish speaking students will have a treat to hear poetry spoken in Spanish within the piece — translation, dance words, and more key ideas will be explored in the downloadable Study Guide for this performance.

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Winter 2014 | Silence to Big Sound: Almost Mozart + Bolero

The Winter program will explore how dance (and the audience’s experience) is impacted by dynamic variations of music—Silence to Big Sound! Students will see an excerpt of Almost Mozart—a work that was recently performed in Washington DC at the John F. Kennedy Center or the Performing Arts.

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Spring 2014 | Effects of Light and Color: Petal

How does lighting impact our experience of dance? What emotions or ideas come to mind when we add different colors? This show will explore these questions and more as we see Petal, choreographed by Helen Pickett, and other excerpts from our spring show.

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Fall 2012 | THE BODY BEAUTIFUL: Greek Myth Through Dance and Art

The inspiration for this performance derives from ancient Greek art and mythology offering the audience a chance to see ballet as expressive moving sculpture. OBT is also collaborating with Portland Art Museum’s Body Beautiful exhibit, providing cross-linked educational resources. Visit OBT and PAM for a rich arts experience.

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Winter 2013 | SWAN LAKE: Folktale of Action Title and Consequence

Every student should experience great art. Swan Lake is a quintessenial ballet, based on a heartwrenching fable of true love heroically won and tragically squandered. Oregon Ballet Theatre will perform Act III from Christopher Stowell’s Swan Lake where Odile’s evil double tricks the Prince into breaking his vow of love for the Swan Queen.

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Spring 2013 | AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL: Pride in Being New

Introduce your students to brand new, cutting-edge dance by contemporary choreographers created just now.

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Winter 2012 | Giselle: I’ve got the Wilis!

Since the first version of Giselle performed in 1841, this ballet has deeply moved people of every decade in cultures all over the world. It is the world’s most beloved Romantic-era story ballet.

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Spring 2012 | Hear! See! Imagine! Dance!

Choreography derived from noticing the way things and animals sound and move.

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Fall 2010 | The Sleeping Beauty

Download the Study Guide | pas de deux coloring page | Sleeping Beauty Mime

Winter 2011 | The Stravinsky Project

Download the Study Guide | Stravinsky Word Jumble

Spring 2011 | Song & Dance

Download the Study Guide | Download accompanying transparencies


Fall 2009 | Emerald Retrospective

Download the Study Guide

Spring 2010 | Duets

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Fall 2008 | Swan Lake

Download the Study Guide | Download Overhead Transparencies

Winter 2009 | Lambarena

Download the Study Guide | Download the Lesson Plan: “Weaving the Elements of Lambarena”

Spring 2009 | Left Unsaid

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Fall 2007 | The Germanic Lands

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Winter 2008 | France

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Spring 2008 | America

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Fall 2006 Study Guide

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Winter 2007 Study Guide

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Spring 2007 Study Guide

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