WEEK #5: Thursday

One more day until the weekend!  On today’s Coffee Break With the Ballet we’ve got another installment of “Stars of OBT” and another “Random Thursday Question” to entertain you and give your brain a little end-of-the-week mini-vacation.

Stars of OBT: “Deportment of Energy” *

When a dancer’s performance has you sitting on the edge of your seat, energy is what makes the difference.  Check out these breathtaking leaps from four of OBT’s most energetic artists – they know how to put on a show!

Javier Ubell in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Candace Bouchard in George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Chauncey Parsons in Firebird at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Julia Rowe & Olga Krochik in Square Dance at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Random Thursday Question

If you could take a break in the middle of the work day to do absolutely anything you wanted for five minutes, in order to recharge yourself, what would you do?  (Keep it clean, people, this is a family blog.)

*I know, you guys.  WORST PUN EVER.  I couldn’t help myself.

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