WEEK #5: Friday

Welcome back to Coffee Break With the Ballet!  True, this was a holiday week so it was technically one day shorter, but you still deserve a reward for making it through to the weekend!  We’ve got a “battle of the sexes” dance break and another fun pop quiz to get you through to the end of the day with a smile on your face!

Friday Dance Break

On this slightly-nutty British reality show, Guinness World Records Smashed!, two principal dancers from the English National Ballet go head-to-head in a battle-of-the-sexes competition over who can do the most fouettes in 30 seconds.  (I won’t tell you who wins, but I WILL say that somebody gets an actual Guinness medal!)

Pop Quiz

#1.  In Monday’s webisode, why is Pat initially excited to see the Sassyplum Fairy?

#2.  Speaking of world records, how many consecutive pirouettes would you have to execute in 30 seconds to break the existing world record?

#3. Ballet Master Lisa Kipp called it “one of my best memories, but it was the most exhausted I ever got, ever.”  Dance reviewer Jane Vranish of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said,The speed of the footwork . . . could be compared to breaking the four-minute mile.”  What famously demanding ballet, which entered OBT’s rep last year, are they talking about?

#4. In the video above, what does the TV announcer mention was significant about British ballet dancer Delia Gray?

#5.  OBT.org Trivia: What does the L.A.B. stand for in OBT L.A.B.?

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  1. 1: She thought Sassyplum brought Starbucks
    2: 37 pirouettes
    3: Square Dance
    4: Delia held the world record for fouettes in 1991
    5: Learn About Ballet

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