OBT Holiday Countdown, Week Four

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you’ll see that OBT blogger Claire Willett, the company’s resident holiday geek, is sharing a countdown to Hanukkah and Christmas with daily tidbits to get you ready for the holiday season, from recipes and stress-busters to holiday songs and videos.  If you’re not on Facebook or you want to share the fun with friends and family, we’ll be posting a Friday roundup of all the week’s posts for you to enjoy!

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1 Day to Hanukkah, 6 Days to Christmas

To celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah tomorrow, check out these photos of completely bizarre menorahs. (Our favorite is the one made of Legos.)


1st Night of Hanukkah, 5 Days to Christmas

Hanukkah begins tonight!  To get you in the proper Festival of Lights mood, here’s one of our favorite Hanukkah songs; if it sounds familiar, or you find yourself suddenly thinking of Javier Ubell for some reason, that’s because you heard this song in A Holiday Revue.  But we think the whole thing is definitely worth a listen. Wishing a peaceful and joyous Hanukkah to the whole OBT family!



2nd Night of Hanukkah, 4 Days to Christmas

It’s time for some holiday music! Have you downloaded OBT’s holiday iTunes playlists yet? 5% of your purchase comes back to OBT, so you’ll be filling your home with holiday cheer for a good cause!  Click below to download!

For more musical fun, here are five holiday albums we think you should have in your collection:

1) Seabird, “Over the Hills and Everywhere”
Catchy indie-pop arrangements make these seven classic carols totally fresh and new. DON’T MISS: “Go Tell It On the Mountain.”

2) Ella Fitzgerald, “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”
If you only have one classic holiday album in your collection, make it this one. DON’T MISS: “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

3) Various Artists, “The Hotel Café Presents: Winter Songs”
This quirky compendium features some of our favorite current pop songstresses, like Colbie Caillat and Katy Perry, with a combination of original holiday tunes and classic covers. DON’T MISS: “Sleigh Ride,” KT Tunstall.

4) Michael Bublé, “Christmas”
There’s a sprinkle of 21st-century Sinatra in this crooner’s warm-as-hot-chocolate voice. DON’T MISS: “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas.”

5) Various Artists, “Stockings By the Fire”
Yes, FINE, it’s a Starbucks compilation CD. But with a particularly deft mixture of classic and new, it’s an album you can keep in constant rotation without getting tired of it. DON’T MISS: “Carol of the Bells” by The Bird and the Bee.



3rd Night of Hanukkah, 3 Days to Christmas

If you’re hosting this weekend and need some festive libations, check out Martha Stewart’s Top 25 Holiday Cocktails, Punches & Drinks. Cheers!


4th Night of Hanukkah, 2 Days to Christmas

Monday we did bizarre menorahs.  Today we’ve got a collection of disastrous seasonal cakes, courtesy of the amazing blog “Cake Wrecks.”

Now that you’ve seen all that horribleness, check out these totally gorgeous gingerbread concoctions!


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