Christopher Stowell’s Top 10 Holiday Movies

OBT Artistic Director (and film buff) Christopher Stowell choreographed A Holiday Revue as an homage to the iconic silver screen Christmas films he loved as a child.  Here he shares his top 10 favoritesScroll down to the bottom to see other staff favorites, from the Muppets to Die Hard.

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Holiday Inn (1942) and White Christmas (1954)

“I must confess, I can never remember which one’s which, I just know that I like them both.”

A Christmas Carol (1951)

“The old black-and-white one with Alistair Sim as Scrooge is the one we grew up with.  My mom loves this movie.”

Auntie Mame (1958)

“Make sure you watch Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell, and not the musical Mame, starring Lucille Ball with so much gauze over the lens you can hardly see.”

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

“I’ve been a Dr. Seuss fan from the very beginning.  Also, the Grinch actually has very pretty feet.”


Fanny & Alexander (1982)

“Another favorite of my mom’s.  It’s not technically a holiday movie but it has such a beautiful Christmas scene.”

Moonstruck (1987)

“Another one that’s not technically a holiday movie, but there’s something so holiday-esque about it, like the part where they go to the Met, and there’s all the twinkly lights . . .”

Home For the Holidays (1995)

 “This cast is just brilliant. I only have brothers, and this makes you want to have a sister.  I’d love to have Holly Hunter in this movie as my sister.”

Love Actually (2003) and The Holiday (2006)

“Okay, I’m cringing a little bit at recommending these because I know they’re ultra corny, but I’m a sucker for English accents and anything British makes me laugh.”



What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Rachel Austen, Graphic Designer (Edward Scissorhands); Ashby Baldock, School Administrator (Love Actually); Aarin Bell, Front Desk Coordinator (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation); Melia Donovan (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians); Laura Duvall (Die Hard and Die Hard 2); Lindsay Huddleston, Development Associate (The Snowman); Margaret Gunther, Events & Volunteer Manager (The Apartment); Trisha Mead, Director of Marketing & Communications (Ernest Saves Christmas); Marabeth Passanante, Audience Services Manager(Elf); Mary Jane Schenk, Director of Development (Miracle on 34th Street); Paul Stavish, Audience Development Manager (A Christmas Story); Diane Syrcle, Executive Director (Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer); Claire Willett, Manager of Communications, Grants & Social Media (A Muppet Christmas Carol)

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