Well, here we are.  Only two left standing, and tomorrow there shall be only one.  It’s been a long journey but here we are.  Tomorrow’s dramatic, no-holds-barred diva duel to the death will be . . .

. . . drumroll please . . .

. . . [okay, are you imagining the drumroll in your head?  Good] . . .


TEAM GISELLE: Emma Thompson
TEAM CARMEN: Lady Macbeth

Stay tuned tomorrow for voting – start rallying support for your girl and get all your friends to vote!   In the meantime, tell us in the comments what fabulous femme fatales and awesome heroines we left off the list and should include if we do this again next year.  Who’d we forget about?  (I know, I know, WONDER WOMAN!  I can’t believe I missed that either.  Or Buffy!  Or Lisa Simpson!  Or Hermione Granger!  Who else did I miss?  Name your picks in the comments!)

0 thoughts on “Tragic Heroine Throwdown: The Playoffs Begin

  1. For Team Giselle: Anne Shirley, Penelope (wife of Odysseus), Mercedes (from the Count of Monte Cristo), ELIZABETH BENNET!!! (she could totally win it all)

    For Team Carmen: Emma Bovary, Helen of Troy, Becky Sharp, Scarlett O’Hara, Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity

  2. I really liked Loulou’s suggestions. But, if you add someone else from opera, I have to suggest Norma for Team Carmen, because, well, she kills herself and her kids and guilt trips her baby-daddy into killing himself instead of going off with the hot young thing he originally left her for. It’s not happy, and I’m sure she wasn’t a pleasant person, but she got stuff done.

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