All right, everyone, here we are.

Four fearless females have fought their way to the top of their brackets, but only one can be the victor.  You’ve heard all the arguments in favor (click here for last Friday’s recap with voter’s-choice arguments and video clips for each), and now the choice is yours.  Today you cast only two votes – one Team Carmen and one Team Giselle.  Choose wisely, because the two winners will face off against each other on Thursday for an epic final battle.

LEFT BRACKET: Team Giselle




All right, people.  You know what to do.  VOTE!   And then tell us who you think will take the crown this Thursday in the ultimate diva showdown!

0 thoughts on “Tragic Heroine Throwdown: FINAL 4 VOTING BEGINS!

    1. Oh so hard to choose from Team Giselle!

      After much deliberation, I choose Emma to go up against Lady Macbeth.

      (I love Audrey and she’s an all around icon but you know you could go out for a drink with Emma and have a laugh.)

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