The super-secret social media project we’ve been working on for a few weeks is finally ready for launch, and boy are we excited. Without further ado, OBT presents….

It’s going to be so epic.
We’ve spent a lot of time over here at the OBT offices discussing the exciting shows coming up in our next season, and as we’ve talked about our two iconic leading ladies (Carmen and Giselle), we could not avoid the inevitable question: “Who would win in a fight?”  Now, obviously if we’re talking a physical fight, we’re all going to have to give it to the knife-wielding Carmen . . . or are we?  I mean, Giselle’s a ghost, so the knife wouldn’t do anything.  So now, all of a sudden, we have a real toss-up.  Team Carmen (kill for love) or Team Giselle (die for love)?  It could go either way.  So we’re opening it up to all of you to help us decide.  We’ve created a playoff bracket of sixteen “good girls” on Team Giselle (“The Sweethearts and Heroines”) and sixteen “bad girls” on Team Carmen (“The Vixens and Femme Fatales”).  The first round of voting will match a good girl against a bad girl in every category, and after that, well, we’ll just have to wait and see who’s left standing.
So who determines who wins?  YOU DO. The votes we tally will be Facebook “Likes” and blog comments.  And feel free to weigh in to defend your choices!  We love spirited debate.  If you think Lois Lane could take down Catwoman, tell us why!
Want to play along?  Of course you do!  DOWNLOAD THE PDF (rules and FAQ are included) and mail (or scan & email) your bracket back to us.
UPDATE: Voting is open!  Cast your votes here!

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