Duly Noted: Adolphe Adam… Revolutionary?

Welcome to the first official installment of “Duly Noted,” our new blog feature where we’ll share fun stories and tidbits about the lives of our composers! What’s the connection between the waves of civil unrest sweeping through the Middle East over the past few months, and 19th-century French composer Adolphe Adam, who wrote Giselle?  Well,… Read More

Team Carmen vs. Team Giselle: The Tragic Heroine Throwdown Begins!

The super-secret social media project we’ve been working on for a few weeks is finally ready for launch, and boy are we excited. Without further ado, OBT presents…. THE TRAGIC HEROINE THROWDOWN! It’s going to be so epic. We’ve spent a lot of time over here at the OBT offices discussing the exciting shows coming… Read More