This summer seemed to be especially busy for all of our dancers. Artur and his wife had their first child, a very dedicated and generous group of dancers performed for FREE in locations all around Portland – from Washington Park with the Portland Cello Project, to a live art installation on Alberta for Last Thursday – and a few others spent time abroad with guest appearances and gigs with other companies.

Yuka Iino and Chauncey Parsons flew to Japan to perform Paquita at the Reiko Yamamoto Ballet Company gala:
After which Chauncey headed off with his wife Makino (who is also a dancer) to Fukuoka to perform.
Ronnie Underwood has spent the summer in Oklahoma and was recently spotted onstage with Oklahoma City Ballet in their annual outdoor event, similar to OBT’s “Exposed.”
He’s back in the OBT studios next week to begin rehearsing for our opening program: Emerald Retrospective.
See you all in the theater in October!

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