Here are some more “backstage” photos from our Waterfront Park/OR Symphony performance the other night. It truly was a magical experience. From the beautiful setting to the sublime music to the perfect weather and full moon, it really seems like the stars aligned.

Getting all of us 18 women (or however many we were!) transported to and from the park twice in one day for rehearsal and the show, figuring out how and where we could warm up, dress, rehearse, stay warm, etc… was a team effort and required some flexibility on everyone’s part. Here’s Kathi showing off her moves in our makeshift warmup area. I’ll never be able to walk along the pathway by the river again without thinking about the time I did barre practically underneath the Hawthorne Bridge.

Kathi, Olga, and Kathy Scoggins spent a moment being patriotic as the national anthem was played:

Here’s the travelling wardrobe department. That black curtain was our dressing area, which we shared with Carlos Kalmar (not at the same time, of course).

And this was the view during our morning rehearsal.

After we’d finished the runthrough, everyone spent a few minutes just soaking up the glorious sun and enjoying the moment.

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