Resident Choreographer Nicolo Fonte reunites with Thomas Lauderdale and Pink Martini to produce another signature Portland evening of live music and dance. The program begins with the return of audience favorite Rhapsody in Blue. Lauderdale with pianist Hunter Noack perform their innovative arrangement of Gershwin’s beloved score to Fonte’s powerful love story with themes of betrayal, discovery, and triumphant realization. From this blue setting the program shifts to Pink as the band takes the stage with China Forbes and guests Edna Vazquez and Jimmie Herrod for an A-to-Z medley of Pink Martini’s beloved music brought to life in an all-new work from Fonte that juxtaposes classical form with the effervescence of pop.


Rhapsody in Blue

Nicolo Fonte | George Gershwin

Music arranged by Thomas Lauderdale and performed live by Thomas Lauderdale & Hunter Noack

World Premiere

Nicolo Fonte | Pink Martini

Featuring Thomas Lauderdale, China Forbes, the Pink Martini band, and guest artists Edna Vasquez and Jimmie Herrod performing live.

Dancers: Brian Bennett and Xuan Cheng | Photo by Jingzi Zhao