WEEK #2: Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means there’s only 24 hours left before it’s the weekend!  On today’s Coffee Break With the Ballet we’ve got another installment of “Stars of OBT” and another “Random Thursday Question” to entertain you and give your brain a little end-of-the-week mini-vacation.  You’re welcome!

Stars of OBT: “Arms and the Man (and Woman)”

The perfect port de bras completes the picture.  Precision of arm placement helps define the flavor of each moment onstage, whether classically graceful, or angular and contemporary.

The womens’ corps de ballet in Swan Lake at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Artur Sultanov and Grace Shibley in Rite of Spring at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Random Thursday Question

The arm is the 5th most common body part for tattoos, and is most popular with people who want their ink at least semi-visible most of the time.  (The first few are spots like “lower back” or “ankle” where it’s easier to conceal.)  If you have a tattoo on your arm, what is it?  If you don’t, and you had to get one, what would it be? 

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