WEEK #3: Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means there’s only 24 hours left before it’s the weekend!  On today’s Coffee Break With the Ballet we’ve got another installment of “Stars of OBT” and another “Random Thursday Question” to entertain you and give your brain a little end-of-the-week mini-vacation.  You’re welcome!

Stars of OBT: “Get a Leg Up”

WARNING: Don’t try this at home!  It takes years to master the level of artistry and athleticism it takes to make this crazy-awesome leg action look so effortless.

Alison Roper and Artur Sultanov in Just at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Daniela DeLoe, Kathi Martuza and Gavin Larsen in Lambarena at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Adrian Fry and Kathi Martuza at OBT  (Photo: Andy Batt)

Alison Roper in Junk Duet at OBT  (Photo: Blaine Covert)

Random Thursday Question

What animal has the coolest or most interesting walk?

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