WEEK #3: Monday

It’s Monday again!  Back to work!  But don’t worry, we’ve got another episode of our Coffee Break With the Ballet web series and another week of fun content to give you a little break from the daily grind every day at 3!


On this week’s episode, Pat and Alyssa talk hot-but-uncomfortable girl shoes (including this fabulous pair) and get a lesson from the Sassyplum Fairy about how to get strong, fabulous dancer legs.  (Unfortunately her magic wand can’t just GIVE them to you.  Annoying, we know.)


The way a person walks can convey a lot about their personality – are they slow and relaxed, or taking long, purposeful strides?  Do they walk with their shoulders back, with their hands in their pockets, with their head bent over?  Today when you’re walking down the street or in your car stopped at a light, watch people walking and see what their stride reveals to you about their personality, then come back here and tell us about it!

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