WEEK #6: Friday

Welcome to our final installment Coffee Break With the Ballet!  Hope you all have enjoyed this as much as we have!  Today’s pop quiz has a special bonus question, plus we’ve got a behind-the-scenes feature for you and a dance video you have to see to believe.  If you’ve submitted answers for any of the Pop Quizzes, check back Monday afternoon when we’ll be posting all six weeks’ worth of winners!

EPISODE SIX: “T Is For Tights & Tutus”

When last we left our heroes, the Sassyplum Fairy had taught them five different ballet movements and showed them how to use dance to make their lives more awesome.  Now they’re ready to put it all together (with costumes).  You won’t want to miss this one!

Friday Dance Break

We’re loving the anything-but-traditional costumes in this gorgeous, East-meets-West adaptation of The Little Mermaid at San Francisco Ballet from PBS Great Performances!

Pop Quiz

#1.  In today’s webisode, who is wearing the pink and blue flowered tiara?

#2.  What’s the name of the French acrobat who revolutionized ballet rehearsal wear?

#3. How many dancers assist the Little Mermaid as she swims away?

#4.  For what role in what ballet does Sarah say you’ll most commonly see dancers wearing a Romantic-style tutu? 

#5.  OBT.org Trivia: What is the name of the Costume Shop First Hand at OBT?

Special Bonus Question: “STAY CALM, PEOPLE!” 

Claire’s Don Knotts mug is visible somewhere in each webisode.  The first person to correctly identify where the mug is in all six episodes will win two tickets to A Holiday Revue.  Here are two hints to get you started:

#1) There are multiple mugs and they may look similar from a distance.  Watch carefully to be sure you’ve spotted the right one!

#2) The mugs switch around at random.  Just because you spotted Don Knotts in one spot doesn’t mean that’s where he’ll be next time.

0 thoughts on “WEEK SIX: “T Is For Tights and Tutus” (Friday)

  1. 1: Perry
    2: Jules Léotard
    3: 3 dancers
    4: the corps de ballet dancing as flowers in Nutcracker’s Waltz of the Flowers
    5: Pam Jett-Goodrich

  2. Not sure where to post my answers to the quiz.
    So here they are :
    Perry Lee
    Jules Leotard
    Nutcracker, Corps de Ballet in the Waltz of the Flowers
    Pam Jeff-Goodrich

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