OBT’s Uprising was a knockout!

I just wanted to take a second to do a short plug for OBT’s Uprising featuring the music of Horse Feathers and the OBT talents of Ansa, Olga, Steven, Leta, Lucas and choreographer/dancer Candace. The evening was absolutely spectacular. What made this evening special was that it was all dancer run. Uprising is Candace’s brainchild:… Read More

Uprising, by Oregon Ballet Theatre

Just thought you readers would appreciate an update on Candace Bouchard & team’s* progress with Uprising. *The “team” being Leta Biasucci, Ansa Deguchi, Steven Houser, Olga Krochik, Grace Shibley & Lucas Threefoot. There’s just 11 days before their November 3rd debut at Mississippi Studios, so if you haven’t yet purchased tickets, click here to do… Read More