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Click here to make a donation to support Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Education & Outreach programs and the School of OBT through the 2011 Willamette Week Give!Guide.

“Dear dancers, I loved the ballet and you know what?  My mom said that I could do anything sport or dance and I chose ballet.  I know it will be hard because my mom and dad are not together so it will.  Plus my mom off of work at 6:30 at night.  So I do know it will be very hard.  But I will figure it out.  I hope I will become as good as you.  I want to be the greatest dancer in the world.  I read this book called A Young Dancer’s Apprenticeship.  There is a picture of a girl on her tips.  IT IS AMAZING.  I want to be just like her.  Well I have to go, bye!”

–Letter from a first-grader after participating in our OBT L.A.B. program

Did You Know . . .

. . . 1 in 10 Oregon K-12 students attends a school with no access to arts instruction?

. . . Youth who participate in the arts are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement than their counterparts who don’t?

. . . Children who study at least one art form in school are 4 times more likely to grow up to be artists and 3 times more likely to become arts supporters?

. . . 57% of adults who attend performing arts events regularly volunteer or do charity work at least once a year (compared to 22% of adults who don’t attend)?

What Is the Give!Guide?

OBT is thrilled and honored to have been selected for the 8th annual Willamette Week Give!Guide, along with 99 other extraordinary organizations.  This holiday season fundraiser, which runs from November 9th – December 31st, serves as a unique vehicle for generating donations for a collection of Portland area non-profits.  Along with the Give!Guide’s website, the Guide will be distributed in 90,000 copies of Willamette Week from now until the end of December.  The guide is a catalog of Portland nonprofits, sharing the important work they do and why they need your support.  Last year’s Guide raised over $1.16 million; this year’s goal is $1.3 million, with the added goal that half the donors be under the age of 36.

Why Give Through the Give!Guide?

Most of us can’t write a million dollar check, but we can give $10 or $20 to help make a difference for a nonprofit we believe in. You’re not just supporting OBT by promoting the Give!Guide, you’re helping make the culture of nonprofit giving in Oregon even stronger.

The Give!Guide offers $1,000 bonus prizes to the nonprofits who raise the most money overall, and the highest number of donors under 36 years old.  By making a gift through the Give!Guide, your donation helps bring us closer to those bonuses – that’s another FREE $1,000 to bring dance into the lives of Portland children.

In addition to supporting some of Portland’s most inspiring nonprofits, making a difference in the lives of our citizens in so many different ways, you’ll also have the chance to win some amazing, exciting prizes.  Click here for all the details on the free beer, coffee, discounts at local businesses and other fun things!    Click here for answers to all your other Give!Guide questions.

I Did It!  What Happens Next?

Thank you so much for your support!  Here are a few ways you can help us spread the word:

  • Do you have Facebook or Twitter?
  • Would you take 5 minutes to share the Give!Guide link with your followers and tell them why our work matters to you?
  • Will you share your comments to help us spread the word by posting in the blog comments below or on OBT’s Facebook page“My name is ___ and I donated to OBT through the Willamette Week Give!Guide because ___.”  [OPTIONAL: “I also donated to ___.”]
  • Would you consider sending out a personal email to ten friends and family members encouraging them to give?

Thank you so much for your support.  We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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