Jet-lagged but happy, Thyra, Kevin and I finally made it to Seoul, South Korea, last night. We arrived at about 6 p.m. local time, which is about midnight (the night before) in Portland. The eleven-hour flight was made to seem much shorter than I’d dreaded thanks to the loveliness of Asiana Airlines and a Tylenol PM. We were met at the airport by two representatives from New Venture Entertainment, the presenting agency here in Korea, who whisked us off to our hotel for a briefing on the schedule of events for the next four days and some info about the area and what to expect. Then the three of us stumbled our way into a Korean restaurant for our first try at communicating with limited (aka ZERO) language skills. Success! Delicious!

The real adventure begins today– we just got back from a meeting with the technical director of the Seoul Arts Center and a tour of the theater, and in a couple of hours will have our first rehearsal with the children from the Korean National Institute.

More on the rest of our time here will be forthcoming………. now must nap to stave off effects of jet-lag in anticipation of rehearsing until 11 p.m. tonight….

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