A boy trapped in a world of masks and mirrors . . . a man and a woman trapped in a dangerous passion . . . It’s all about risk and freedom at Oregon Ballet Theatre as Petrouchka/Carmen brings to life a host of colorful characters determined to shatter the boundaries of the worlds that restrict them, come what may.  There are three performances left and you won’t want to miss out! Click here to buy tickets.


Music by Igor Stravinsky

Choreographed by Nicolo Fonte

“As Petrouchka, Brian Simcoe’s execution of a contemplative solo in which he is reflected by the walls of his room, trying out this way of moving an arm, that way of extending a leg, is as subtle and smooth as his pirouettes in the solo that introduces him.”  –Martha Ullman West, The Oregonian

“Accompanied by the OBT orchestra, playing Stravinsky’s difficult Petrouchka score particularly well, the dancers . . . performed with the passion of the 19th century and the fine-tuned technique of the 21st.” –Martha Ullman West, The Oregonian

“[Fonte] takes full advantage with a vividly conceived story told through a choreography that takes advantage of his talent for engaging large groups in interesting ways. And his use of Lien’s set is deeply integrated into the story.” –Barry Johnson, OPB.org

Lucas Threefoot & Brian Simcoe
Brian Simcoe, Yuka Iino & Lucas Threefoot
Corps Women


Music by Georges Bizet

Choreographed by Christopher Stowell

“Roper and Parsons were made to dance these roles.” –Martha Ullman West, The Oregonian

“Carmen takes center stage, as a bad, bad girl. In an American high school, she might well be voted girl most likely to get pregnant before graduation.” –Martha Ullman West, The Oregonian

“I’m always going on about Roper, but, honestly, we are seeing a great dancer at the height of her career, both wise in the ways of dance and strong physically.” –Barry Johnson, OPB.org

“[Stowell] really understand his dancers, so his choreography emphasizes the lightness and speed of Xuan Cheng . . .” –Barry Johnson, OPB.org

Artur Sultanov & Alison Roper
Corps Women
Alison Roper & Chauncey Parsons

All additional photos by Don Van Wart.

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