No, it’s Stravinsky superheroes!

Yesterday we had a rehearsal in costume for The Stravinsky Project. Much work still needs to be done in all areas, but it is definitely starting to come together.

We had the pianists in the studio for Rite of Spring yesterday which was a lot of fun. I’ve have worked with both Susan and Carol (aka The Good Doctor, who has incidentally written a book titled “Untethered” available on the Amazon Kindle store) many times in the past and always enjoy their skill and artistry. It’s mind-boggling to me that any individual(s) can make such intentionally chaotic sounds come out of any instrument. If you haven’t heard the double-piano score I highly recommend you listen to it; It somehow feels even more complex than the orchestral version.

That’s all the news from me today. I’ve got to go be a tall couple in Rite.

– Steven

*Photo Credit: Thyra Hartshorn.

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