OBT Holiday Countdown, Week Three

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you’ll see that OBT blogger Claire Willett, the company’s resident holiday geek, is sharing a countdown to Hanukkah and Christmas with daily tidbits to get you ready for the holiday season, from recipes and stress-busters to holiday songs and videos.  If you’re not on Facebook or you want to share the fun with friends and family, we’ll be posting a Friday roundup of all the week’s posts for you to enjoy!

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Read Week Two here. 


9 Days to Hanukkah, 14 Days to Christmas

Another tune we’re putting on all our holiday mix CDs this year, “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson is the perfect song for a frosty Monday morning, with a sweet and poignant video animated to look like old-fashioned paper cut-outs.


8 Days to Hanukkah, 13 Days to Christmas

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Pedestrian-Only Night at Peacock Lane (Dec. 15 & 16)

When we polled the OBT dancers last year on their favorite Portland holiday activity, the one that came up the most was Peacock Lane, Northeast Portland’s famously-bedecked Christmas street.  If you want some free holiday cheer, bundle up in your coats and scarves to walk down Peacock Lane at night and see the lights. It’s a nice way to decompress, either on your own or with others, and you can get a little Christmas spirit without spending a penny. (Though a thermos of peppermint hot cocoa would be a nice addition.)


7 Days to Hanukkah, 12 Days to Christmas

We’ve got a sleigh full of holiday treats for our Facebook friends today!

First up – let’s help you finish your shopping! We’ve got the perfect present for everyone on your list, from parents to coworkers, from the Kid At Heart to the Man of Style to the hardcore Portlandian. First, do they prefer Nutcracker (classical, traditional, refined) or Holiday Revue (quirky, retro, stylish)? Once you’ve decided, check out our Holiday Gift Guides where you’ll find unique gifts they’ll love, plus fabulous cards, wrapping paper and stocking stuffers!

The Nutcracker

Frilly aprons, local whiskey, high-end shaving kits, salted-caramel lollipops and Pink Martini . . . time for the Nutcracker Gift Guide, with elegant and timeless gifts for all those hard-to-shop-for loved ones.

Click the nutcrackers to see the Nutcracker Gift Guide!

A Holiday Revue

Duct tape flasks, Diane Keaton’s memoirs, octopus jewelry, robot clocks and The Decemberists . . . time for the Holiday Revue Gift Guide, with fabulous presents for everyone on your list!

Click the pink headphones to see the Holiday Revue Gift Guide.


6 Days to Hanukkah, 11 Days to Christmas

Take a break from the dreary weather and join us for a morning break in the Land of Sweets! Check out these “Nutcracker” photos featuring several of our new dancers!

(Click the photo to see the full album!)


5 Days to Hanukkah, 10 Days to Christmas

It’s your last real shopping weekend before the holidays, and if you’re like us, you’re frantically trying to cross things off your to-do list.  Which means it’s the perfect Friday morning to enjoy perhaps the greatest of all the holiday music videos ever created.  We dare you not to smile.

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