…. is done. We ran through the entire show one last time tonight, for a small invited audience of donors, supporters, and especially our crew of devoted volunteers who have given more in time and enthusiasm than can ever be measured. It was really fun to dance specially for them tonight. It’s always hard to feel like simply saying “thank you” is enough. Knowing that tonight they were treated to the best seats in the house and a special performance of their own was wonderful.

I didn’t dance in the first half of the program tonight, so I went out front to watch the first of two films and the opening of Emeralds. The film chronicles OBT’s history and highlights the important place this company has had in Portland since 1989. There are beautiful clips of ballets and dancers from over the years. And then the curtain went up on Emeralds, and the future of OBT was so clear and exciting. Emeralds is an introspective ballet for both dancers and viewers, and I think that is quite appropriate at this point in time. It takes you right out of the crazy world outside and right into the atmosphere of romance, artistry, and commemoration. Elyse keeps telling us that the final section of the ballet is “to Mr. B”, at whom our gazes are directed. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the dancers direct themselves at the end the ballet to a spot up near the top of the wings on downstage left. We’re commemorating Balanchine, who crafted this gorgeous ballet, and also looking up to all the dancers who’ve gone before us and will come after.

And now for tomorrow! Merde, everybody!

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