By Gavin Larsen

No one should ever fear music, but if you are especially curious and excited by it, I have an event to recommend.

Local chamber music group Fear No Music has a concert this coming Sunday, March 13, at the Aladdin Theater in Southeast Portland. FNM is known for their bold explorations into the area of new classical music, often seeking to take down the walls between genres, forms of art, and performers. For this concert, they were able to procure an entire evening’s worth of work by Gabriel Prokofiev (grandson of Sergei), who is not only an esteemed composer in his own right but also a DJ. One of his pieces is called “Sleeveless Scherzo”, created for solo violin and dancer, and I will be performing it with violinist Paloma Griffin. Paloma and I have devised an interpretation of the piece that I think the audience will find really interesting– she and I certainly are compelled by it!

The entire program should be fascinating– Gabriel will be spinning throughout, as well as at the end of the evening– so I encourage everyone to come experience it for themselves.

More information and tickets are here:

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