The title role in Giselle is regarded as the one of the most difficult in ballet, requiring impeccable technique and supreme acting from the leading ballerina. The same is true for Albrecht, the male lead in Giselle. He must convincingly express joy, sorrow, fear and true love all in the span of a 3 hour ballet.  Layer in some challenging variations and partnering, and you’ve got the role of a lifetime.

This week we’ll show you some of the most memorable Albrechts, dancing in works other than Giselle. First up is the incomparable Rudolph Nureyev. It was said that he brought a vulnerability to Albrecht that was uncommon for the era.  Nureyev famously danced Giselle with Margot Fonteyn in the leading role, touring the ballet around the world. Here he dances Siegfried in Swan Lake.

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