Coffee Break With the Ballet

Maybe your office has a window that looks out on a park, and you’re stuck working on spreadsheets while kids (or hipsters) are playing kickball in the sunshine . . .

Maybe you just got back from the beach and you can’t quite force your brain back into work mode. . .

Maybe the “Back to School” displays at Fred Meyer make you hyperventilate . . .

Need a little midday pick-me-up to get you through the workday during August and September?  OBT’s got you covered!

Welcome to Coffee Break With the Ballet, a six-week series where every day at 3:00 p.m. we’ll give you a fun little ballet tidbit to inform and entertain you while you drink your afternoon coffee (or tea, or kombucha, or Diet Coke, or gin and tonic . . . we don’t judge!).

Each week will have a different theme, with tidbits of ballet history, technique, photos and videos to go with it:

Week 1: “B is for Body”

Week 2: “A is for Arms”

Week 3: “L is for Legs”

Week 4: “L is for Lift”

Week 5: “E is for Energy”

Week 6: “T is for Tights & Tutus”

To start your work week off right, check out our Coffee Break Webisodes every Monday, where our hero “The Sassyplum Fairy” pays a visit to the employees of a boring, dull office and uses her fabulous ballet magic to solve their everyday problems.

And on Fridays, don’t miss our Pop Quiz, where you can win tickets, dinners, coffee treats and more!  The questions will be challenging (we want you guys to EARN your prizes!) but if you’ve been following along and you’re good at Internet sleuthing, you’ll breeze right through.

Thanks for playing along, and don’t forget to check back right here every day at 3:00 p.m. for a new Coffee Break!

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