The Balancing of Body and Soul: A Lesson In Inspiration

A typical afternoon at Oregon Ballet Theatre. Various staff, students and guests are passing through the lobby as they attempt to go about their business. All eyes are on Studio 1, where Yuka Iino and her partner are rehearsing a pas de deux from Swan Lake. Her refined elegance and generously emotive expressions have us under their spell, and we are all smiling. Read More

Swan Lake’s flock has to fly in perfect unison. Who makes it happen?

Audiences and critics often praise OBT’s unison dancing in big ensemble moments. The high quality of OBT’s corps de ballet work is one of Lisa Kipp’s accomplishments as ballet master for the company since the 2004-05 season. Because so many of Swan Lake’s most beloved scenes depend upon a stellar group of swans, it’s a good time to learn more about Lisa and her work as a ballet master. Read More

Is Swan Lake On Your Bucket List? Here's Why it Should Be.

For over a century, countless people across all cultures have included seeing Swan Lake on their list of must-have experiences. You could say that this celebrated ballet holds a secure place on humanities’ cultural “bucket list.”

We know many people who have a deep love for Swan Lake, from their careers as dancers or as dance audience members who’ve seen this ballet time and again. We asked them why they think Swan Lake touches everyone so deeply. Read More