Greetings from Central Oregon! As you may know, a group of 7 dancers, plus 2 staff, and a couple family members are out near Sisters, Oregon on a small residency/tour. When we first got here the weather was as beautiful as the landscape, however, things have taken a turn for the drearier… To combat this we have chosen to take advantage of the huge fireplace located in the Hearth Center where we are rehearsing, and where we will be performing this Saturday and Sunday. It’s amazing how having a fire going helps to make the gray, rainy weather seem a bit more bearable. It makes me wish we had a fireplace in our studios back home.

Anne and Alison have been trading off teaching classes in the morning.
Lucas during class.
Christian in our second “studio”/ video study area.

Brian and Lucas rehearsing some new work by Anne that will be a part of the Stravinsky Project next February.

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