What happens during an Act 1 tech rehearsal?

We basically run through party scene, battle scene, transition into the snow scene, stopping when necessary to fix spacing, musical, or technical issues. Then we do it again with a different cast. In Act 1 there are a lot of props, moving scenery, and children. All of those things require a good bit of organizing to ensure smooth performances.

The adult dancers don’t actually dance much in Act 1, making it much less stressful than another rehearsal might be. By about 9 p.m., people were getting pretty relaxed while the children were getting notes onstage. The hallway that passes from backstage to the house is the only carpeted (warm) area to stretch out in this theater, so that’s where we tend to congregate. Olga and Hahn were doing homework on their computers, Steven was drinking tea out of his “I Love Germany” mug, and Grace, Adrian, Martina and Javier were just shooting the breeze.

Two dress rehearsals tomorrow, another one Friday, and then we open!

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