Last time we talked about all the amazing collaborators that are coming together to bring The Stravinsky Project to the stage. Choreographers, composers, designers – when you count them all up we have over a half dozen for this one world premiere.As promised, we are revealing some of the original costume renderings for The Stravinsky Project from designer Morgan Walker. Feast your eyes on these beauties…

First of all, I am in love with these drawings. The sketches are so gorgeous it reminds me of my favorite time during each episode of Project Runway when everyone hunkers down for a mere seven minutes and produces amazing sketches like it’s nothing. Also, these are the most avant-garde costumes to come out of the OBT costume shop in some time, maybe ever. Second runner up might be these from Julia Adam’s Angelo, which featured removable felt panels – but they are still pretty standard compared to these Stravinsky renderings.

Just as fascinating are the references I’m seeing in the drawings: can-can girls, kits, hoop skirts… superheros? What else do you see?

The Stravinsky Project
runs February 26 to March 5 at Portland’s Keller Auditorium.

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