BACKSTAGE PASS: Draping The Lost Dance, Images from Adam Arnold Studio

Some ties in progress for the men in The Lost Dance. Fabric waiting to be draped. A dress begins to take shape. You can see the results of Adam Arnold‘s work in the world premiere of Matjash Mrozewski’s The Lost Dance , one of 4 short works in Oregon Ballet Theatre’s spring program, Chromatic Quartet,… Read More

A Little Eye Candy from Matjash Mrozewski’s Gallery

It’s hard to define a world premiere before it premieres… what will it feel like? How will I feel seeing it? But we’re going to try to give you an idea of what Matjash Mrozewski’s world premiere work, The Lost Dance, might feel like, by giving you a Whitman’s sampler of eye candy from some… Read More

BACKSTAGE PASS: Adam Arnold Prepares to Dress Dancers

Recently, respected Portland fashion designer Adam Arnold was commissioned to design the costumes for the world premiere work by Matjash Mrozewski that will be part of our upcoming Chromatic Quartet program. To begin the design process, Adam brought in some of his clothing samples from his line and asked Alison Roper and Lucas Threefoot to… Read More