Beginnings and Ends: A Philosophical Discussion with Pontus Lidberg

The first time I see New York-based choreographer Pontus Lidberg, he’s sitting cross-legged on a chair in Oregon Ballet Theater’s Studio 1, watching his dancers. He sits completely still, in perfect meditative posture, not speaking. The dancers are moving in fluid, twirling patterns across the expanse of floor, like ripples in a bubbling brook or leaves gently blown around by the wind. Read More

Trey McIntyre's "Robust American Love"

“When we’re in the presence of brilliance, we know it. Yo-Yo Ma with his cello, for example. Born for his art, devoting his life to perfecting it. Trey McIntyre is just such a luminary among makers of dance.” I wrote that in 1998 for one of my first assignments at OBT, when I interviewed Trey… Read More