Arlene Schnitzer and Jordan Schnitzer through The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation present

Feb. 18-25, 2017 | Keller Auditorium (World Premiere)

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Adapted by Kevin Irving after Petipa/Ivanov | Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
featuring the OBT Orchestra for all performances

Is there any other ballet that has as much a hold on our collective imaginations as does Swan Lake? The sublime transcendence of choreography that has been passed down generation after generation is unmatched, and the music of Tchaikovsky is never more attuned to the struggles of the heart than in this poignant work.

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Saturday, February 18 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, February 19 at 2:00 PM
Thursday, February 23 at 7:30 PM
Friday, February 24 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, February 25 at 2:00 PM
Saturday, February 25 at 7:30 PM

Week 2

Thursday, Feb. 23 Friday, Feb. 24 Saturday, Feb. 25 Saturday, Feb. 25
7:30 PM 7:30 PM 2:00 PM 7:30 PM
Orchestra Orchestra Orchestra Orchestra
Siegfried Brian Simcoe Peter Franc Brian Simcoe Peter Franc
Odette/Odile Jacqueline Straughan Xuan Cheng Jacqueline Straughan Xuan Cheng
King Peter Franc Chauncey Parsons Peter Franc Chauncey Parsons
Queen Martina Chavez Martina Chavez Martina Chavez Martina Chavez
Benno Avery Reiners Avery Reiners Avery Reiners Avery Reiners
Female Court Pas De Trois 1 Katherine Monogue Ansa Deguchi Katherine Monogue Ansa Deguchi
Female Court Pas De Trois 2 Jessica Lind Kelsie Nobriga Jessica Lind Kelsie Nobriga
Hungarian Soloist Girl Sarah Harmon Ruby Mae Lefebvre Sarah Harmon Ruby Mae Lefebvre
Hungarian Soloist Man Tony Jones Tony Jones Tony Jones Tony Jones
Spanish Soloist 1 Emily Parker Emily Parker Emily Parker Emily Parker
Spanish Soloist 2 Makino Hildestad Makino Hildestad Makino Hildestad Makino Hildestad
Russian Soloist Woman Eva Burton Eva Burton Eva Burton Eva Burton
Neopolitan Soloist Female Candace Bouchard Candace Bouchard Candace Bouchard Candace Bouchard
Neopolitan Soloist Male Thomas Baker Thomas Baker Thomas Baker Thomas Baker

Week 1

Saturday, Feb. 18 Sunday, Feb. 19
7:30 PM 2:00 PM
Orchestra Orchestra
Siegfried Peter Franc Brian Simcoe
Odette/Odile Xuan Cheng Jacqueline Straughan
King Colby Parsons Peter Franc
Queen Martina Chavez Martina Chavez
Benno Avery Reiners Avery Reiners
Female Court Pas De Trois 1 Ansa Deguchi Katherine Monogue
Female Court Pas De Trois 2 Kelsie Nobriga Jessica Lind
Hungarian Soloist Girl Ruby Mae Lefebvre Sarah Harmon
Hungarian Soloist Man Tony Jones Tony Jones
Spanish Soloist 1 Emily Parker Emily Parker
Spanish Soloist 2 Makino Hildestad Makino Hildestad
Russian Soloist Woman Eva Burton Eva Burton
Neopolitan Soloist Female Candace Bouchard Candace Bouchard
Neopolitan Soloist Male Thomas Baker Thomas Baker

Oregon Ballet Theatre’s ‘Swan Lake’ To Open
Oregon Artswatch | December 14, 2016

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Outside the castle, on the morning before the birthday that will mark his passage into adulthood, Siegfried romps around with the village children, delighting all. Siegfried coaxes the villagers to join in until everyone is laughing and dancing. The ladies and gentlemen of the court emerge, and are drawn into the fun.

Benno, Siegfried’s best friend, dashes out to announce the arrival of the King, the Queen, and their retinue. The Queen tells Siegfried that he must grow up and choose a bride the following evening at his birthday ball, reminding him that his father the King is quite old and will soon die. She instructs Benno to prepare the reluctant prince.

Benno tries to teach Siegfried how to woo women, but it’s clear that Siegfried’s mind is elsewhere. He can’t help but worry that he isn’t mature enough to marry, let alone take his father’s place.

It’s now the villagers’ turn to cheer up Siegfried, and they do so with gusto – dancing merrily to celebrate his coming of age.

The dancing continues until the King’s valet appears and hands Siegfried a gift from his father – an enchanted crossbow.


The old King has created a potent illusion and Siegfried suddenly finds himself in a dreamscape, deep in the forest, beside a lake, while the King watches from the shadows.

A beautiful princess appears – Odette. Her vulnerability and innocence captivates Siegfried. She tells him her story of an evil sorcerer and his diabolical enchantment of her.  She will be bound forever to the sorcerer, unless she finds a man who will love only her. Then the spell would be broken, and she and her companions would take their true forms again.

A flock of swans enters, and Siegfried is filled with curiosity and wonder. Odette implores him not to hurt her, or any of her friends. Siegfried cannot understand why anyone would hurt them.

From afar, the king watches as the illusion continues to unfold.

Siegfried becomes entranced by Odette – he longs for her as he has never longed for anything, and as he dances with her, Siegfried falls in love. As the swans leave, Siegfried tries in vain to hold on to Odette, but she flees, leaving a bewildered Siegfried.

20 Minute Intermission

Act II

It’s the night of the ball, and the knowledge that Siegfried must choose a bride has attracted eligible, and not so eligible, hopefuls from far and wide. In the anteroom, delegates from foreign courts jockey for the best positions. The Court Herald does his best to impose order.

At the ball, each of the guests try to impress Siegfried – ladies, princesses, and gentlewomen present themselves to the prince, hoping to be chosen as his bride.

No one can captivate the prince who has spent his life charming everyone else.

Suddenly, the beautiful Swan Princess from the lake appears, presented to Siegfried by the old King, who shocks the court by finding the strength to stand on his own.

Something is different about her, but Siegfried doesn’t stop to look deeper. Instead he rejoices, exuberantly dancing his love for the Swan Princess. The woman before him mirrors his joy in a shallow and calculating manner as the two lovers perform for each other.

The whole ballroom watches as Siegfried declares that he will marry this woman – only to find that this beautiful vision is not the woman from the lake. She is Odile, not Odette. Siegfried has fallen for his father’s illusion, and failed himself in the process.

The King tries to speak to his distressed son – he needs to tell Siegfried something important, something about the power of real and abiding love, but it’s too late. He falls, clutching his heart, and dies. Siegfried is overwhelmed with grief.

15 Minute Intermission


Siegfried finds himself once again in that same dreamscape by the lake. The old King loved his young son so much that even in death his enchantment lingers to guide Siegfried on.


His father appears as a young man, and the King’s own coming of age story begins to unfold, including a vision of the Queen as a young woman, surrounded by swans. The young King and Queen dance, and in their movements Siegfried sees his own experience with the Swan Princess. The swans swirl and disperse, leaving Siegfried alone with the young King.

When the swans reappear, Siegfried spies Odette. Filled with remorse and unsure of his path forward, Siegfried reaches for her. Siegfried and Odette dance one last time – he trying desperately to hold her, she knowing they must part – until Odette is torn from Siegfried’s embrace. She and the swans vanish.

The King dances one last time with Siegfried – he tells his son he is ready for adulthood, for the throne. Ready to take his father’s place.

Siegfried is left alone. He begins to understand the journey before him, the responsibilities he must carry.

The illusion fades, but the memory remains with Siegfried, giving him wisdom and strength as the court and villagers assemble for Siegfried’s coronation.

Siegfried is crowned. As he takes his rightful place as king, he sees a familiar face in the crowd. He’s seen her a dozen times before, but something is different now, and he finds himself looking deeper.

He reaches for her, and in that beginning, our story finds its end.

2 hours and 30 minutes
One 20 minute intermission and one 15 minute intermission

Pictured: Brian Simcoe. Photo by Patrick Weishampel,