Thomas Bruner

Thomas Bruner | Executive Director

From CEO of a scrappy start-up in Texas, to Vice President with the nation’s largest humanitarian organization in Washington, D.C., to fundraising manager at a Buddhist temple in Portland, Oregon, Thomas Bruner has been helping mission-focused businesses and organizations do great work for decades. A nationally-recognized leader, Bruner brings a wealth of experience to his work, including 25 years of executive-level leadership across the country, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, a diversity management certificate from Cornell University, an impressive portfolio of civic volunteer engagement, and numerous awards and recognition.

As an executive, Bruner has led operations with 1,500 employees and $150 million budgets. As a fundraiser, he has helped organizations raise $400 million to advance their missions. As an advocate, he has shaped policy and legislation on the national, state and local levels. As an equity practitioner, he has helped multiple organizations advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Bruner’s executive positions have included: Executive Director, AIDS Outreach Center, Fort Worth; Executive Director, Cascade AIDS Project, Portland; Senior Policy Director, Multnomah County Chair’s Office, Portland; Regional Executive, American Red Cross, Oregon; Division Vice President, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.; Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.; and CEO, Susan G. Komen, Oregon.

As a consultant, Bruner has helped 70 mission-focused business and organizations in Oregon, Texas, California, New York, Minnesota, Alabama, India and Venezuela do great work. His experience ranges from organizations with 30,000 employees and $3.4 billion budgets, to emerging start-ups with one employee and $75,000 in revenue.

Bruner has long been a supporter of the arts, having served on the boards of Jubilee Theatre and Contemporary Dance in Fort Worth. He is currently a board member of the Cultural Advocacy Coalition of Oregon.

You can learn more about Bruner and his work on LinkedIn.