Student Workshops | K-12

Workshops (1-3 sessions) can be adapted to specific curriculum or thematic units. OBT Teaching Artists are trained to integrate dance, especially ballet and modern dance, with academic curriculum such as science, and language arts. OBT’s workshops support Oregon and Washington Academic Content Standards for The Arts. Please contact Education and Outreach Director Kasandra Gruener if you have need for a workshop that is not listed here.

What is Ballet? Chapter 1 | 1 One-Hour Session per Classroom

Single in-school workshop to learn about ballet
Push back the desks! Turn on the music! Learn about ballet! In an invigorating one-hour session students are introduced to the art of ballet—its athleticism, grace, theatricality and history. Students come face to face with real ballet costumes, shoes, and historical pictures. Students are encouraged to ask questions during this popular learning experience taught by OBT’s Education Outreach Teaching Artists.

What is Ballet? Chapter 2 | Multiple Sessions (TBD) | 30-60-minute sessions per classroom, depending on grade level

Residency of multiple sessions to learn about ballet
Go beyond What is Ballet? Chapter 1’s introductory level of understanding. During a sequential course of study, students expand their physical and intellectual knowledge of ballet and how it relates to their cultural lives. Students will explore elements of dance composition and take their research to the internet where applicable. An optional performance completes the residency. Chapter 2 is taught by OBT Education Outreach Teaching Artists.

Pricing for Workshops

Grade K-2 | $75/hr.
Mileage Expenses: Additional mileage expenses may be applied.