OBT L.A.B. (Learn About Ballet) | K-2

If you are interested in bringing this partnership to your school in the future, please contact: outreach@obt.org

An Oregon Ballet Theatre dance integration program that occurs in schools and at local theaters

Attention teachers of Kindergarten, First and Second Grade!

Become a partner with the Education Outreach department of Oregon Ballet Theatre in an arts learning enrichment program for Kindergarten, First and Second graders. This program, called OBT L.A.B. (Learn About Ballet), is fully funded by grants to Oregon Ballet Theatre and has been in successful existence since 2006, serving over 35 Title 1 schools who have limited arts experiences.

While there is no charge to the school, the partnership asks that the classroom teachers collaborate with the teaching artists, ensuring that dance content integrates with grade level school content and that the school provides an open space for the dance sessions (described below).

Based on feedback from past participating schools, Oregon Ballet Theatre’s has expanded its early elementary dance integration program, providing more sessions of creative movement with a teaching artist and adding an additional grade level. The intention is to deepen Kindergarten, First, and now Second graders’ understanding and awareness of their body as a tool for communication and to engage kinesthetic learning of curriculum, especially in science, math and language arts across the school year. OBT L.A.B. also provides opportunities for classroom teachers to grow arts integration within their curriculum, using extensively trained teaching artists as resources and collaborators.

OBT L.A.B. has partnered with schools in Portland Public School District, Centennial School District, Gresham-Barlow and Parkrose School District. We offer OBT L.A.B. to two to four Title I schools per year that have indicated interest in dance/arts learning.

Partner schools have been chosen for the 2015-2016 school year: Hartley Elementary School in the Reynolds School District and Oliver Elementary in the Centennial School District.

Here’s more information about the OBT L.A.B. program.

OBT provides: 6 sessions of creative movement lessons with a teaching artist for each classroom of kindergarten, first and second grade students to occur at the participating school. The content joins dance skills with science curriculum.
School provides: scheduling and space (ie. gym, multi-purpose room)

OBT provides: Field trip to an Oregon Ballet Theatre performance at the Keller Auditorium or Newmark Theatre at noon during the school day.
School provides: scheduling of school busses.
No charge for admission and the school bus is paid for by grants to OBT.

OBT provides: Field trip to Oregon Ballet Theatre studios to view dancers during their training or rehearsals and to see costumes in the making as well as other behind-the-scenes elements.
School provides: scheduling of school busses.
No charge for admission and the school bus is paid for by grants to OBT.

New in 2015-16 | OBT provides: A capstone follow-up series of 4 sessions with a teaching artist to explore dance making (choreographic process) linking with language arts curriculum. This will occur in the spring and may include an opportunity to share with families or school.
School provides: scheduling and space (ie. gym, multi-purpose room)