Dance Matters | Age 4-20

As part of Oregon Ballet Theatre’s ongoing commitment to help provide movement education to as many youth in the metropolitan area as possible, we have offered our instructional services to programs and agencies that meet the needs of children and youth who have experienced compromising circumstances. Delivered in collaboration with therapeutic treatment staff and public school instructors, highly qualified OBT teaching-artists open the art of dance to these students since 1991. Occurring at early intervention, day treatment and residential centers where academics are offered, students, aged 4 – 20, are encouraged to learn about the basics of dance and its relevance in their life: instilling physical confidence, rejuvenating self-esteem, trust and the pure joy of movement in a safe environment. This program supports the idea that children may discover a sense of wholeness when they connect their mind, body and spirit during dance exploration. Classroom teachers experience curriculum enrichment and deepen understanding of their students from this collaboration.


If you are interested in bringing this partnership to your school in the future, please contact: