A Journey to Naples Via Copenhagen and Portland

A JOURNEY TO NAPLES VIA COPENHAGEN AND PORTLAND: Bournonville’s Visual Aesthetic and the Set Design Process By Claire Willett For the residents of Copenhagen in August Bournonville’s era, Italy was a golden-hued and romantic dream of exoticism and sunshine. Wilhelm Marstrand, one of the most renowned artists of the Golden Age of Danish art, painted… Read More

Choreographer’s Corner: August Bournonville, pt. 2

Choreographer’s Corner: August Bournonville By Claire Willett August Bournonville – the Royal Danish Ballet’s most famous son and national legend – was virtually unknown in the United States until after World War II.  But his joyful choreography, precise technique and exuberant artistry have made his works works beloved in the ballet canon for a century… Read More

Looking Deeper – Robust American Love

OBT 25 included an enticing selection of duets from the three choreographers who have most shaped Oregon Ballet Theatre over the past 25 years. This section, titled “Love X3” is made up of the most gripping excerpts of some of Portland’s favorites. This collection of choreographers opens with the work of Trey McIntyre, OBT’s Resident… Read More

Exposing the Choreographic Process

How do you create a ballet? International choreographer Nicolo Fonte is currently sharing that process with Portlanders at OBT Exposed in Pioneer Square. It is the company’s 25th anniversary season and in celebration, Mr. Fonte is choreographing a brand new ballet set to local musical favorite and internationally acclaimed Pink Martini. Mr. Fonte begins the… Read More